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My Review of the Writers of the Future Online Workshop

I just finished the Writers of the Future online workshop, and it was pretty good.
For me, as someone born before the digital age, nothing beats actual face to face learning, but I found the video tutorials interesting, informative, and in some cases inspiring. It changed the dynamic seeing some really big names explain different elements of a story. It added a lot of flavor to the material, and as I followed along, I found myself building what I hope is a really good story.
Some of my favorite parts of the workshop were the articles, "Search for Research" by L. Ron Hubbard, and "Turning Fact into Fiction" by Tim Powers. They inspired me with new ways to generate ideas, and taught me that by basing my fictional concepts in fact, I'd draw the reader in deeper, allowing that critical suspension of disbelief. The workshop even one of my favorite articles by L. Ron Hubbard, "Magic Out of a Hat."
As a winner of Writers of the Future, Volume 27 (my personal favorite with absolutely no bias at all), and a participant of the week long workshop, I can say that the online version covers about as much ground as you can without sitting in a classroom.
So, for all you aspiring writers and future winners of the contest, I suggest you let the workshop work for you. Listen to the articles, do the exercises, and FINISH that story! You can't win if you don't work for it.


Go here to start working, and let me know when you finish that story. Drop me a note, and tell me what you thought of the workshop, and what the title of your story is. I'll post mentions for all those interested.

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