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It's been roughly a month since my heart exploded.

I collapsed sometime around midnight on the 6th of February. I couldn't breathe, the pain in my chest felt like someone was standing on top of me. One of my valves had split open. Blood was pooling in the in the sack surrounding my heart, crushing the life out of me.

I got really lucky. The odds were against me, but I lived. I spent ten days in the hospital before they let me come home.

I had a heart attack three days later. Seriously. They rushed me back to the hospital and placed a stent, and I thought I'd had enough.

A week later I went in for a routine follow-up, and they found blood clots in both my legs. Back into a hospital bed I went.

They let me out a couple of days ago, but I'm taking injections to the belly twice a day and I want to curl into a ball every time I hear a siren.

My twin brother set up a funding site to help me with some of the medical bills. Anyone interested call find it here: http://www.gofundme.com/ngci7o



So, that was my February.

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