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A single soft sale

Slink Chunk Press has published my story "A Single Soft Step". It's a sad tale of final contact about a woman who seeks redemption with creatures who may be too alien to care.


This story shares something in common with my previous story sale, "The Lemon Thief of Munjid Al Salam". I wrote the Lemon Thief as a first attempt to win the "L. Ron Hubbard Presents, Writers and Illustrators of the Future" award. It didn't win, but got honorable mention. My next story, "Vector Victoria" won 2nd place for the first quarter, and I was flown out to Hollywood to accept the award. I wrote "A Single Soft Step" on the plane ride home from that award ceremony. I've now sold every story I either submitted to, or worked on, in relation to the Writers of the Future contest. I even sold the story I wrote in a day for the writer's workshop while I was out in Hollywood, "Set in Stone" to Plasma Frequency Magazine.

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